Worldwide Supplier of Quality Piping
Solutions Since 1975

National Plastic was founded in 1975 by Dr. Antoun Kronfli who had an extraordinary vision to create a global company that could manufacture and supply the highest quality thermoplastic piping products to the international market.

The company was established with a philosophy to employ the latest technology and equipment to manufacture a quality range of piping systems. It has continually evolved to be a major supplier to projects and customers around the world.

Over the last 3 decades, National Plastic products have been used in thousands of projects in over 65 countries, 4 continents and have established an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions.

Worldwide users include municipalities, water authorities, public work departments, development banks, major international contractors, United Nation organizations, telecommunication companies, government ministries, global development companies, major distributors and aid agencies.

National Plastic always strives to meet it's client needs and requirements. The company has an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System from British Standard Institute (BSI) a leader in quality management certification. It holds numerous internationally recognized product certifications such as WRAS, Kitemark and UL.

National Plastic has an extensive portfolio of products made in various materials such as UPVC, CPVC, HDPE, LLDPE and PP which are used in the following sectors.

  • Agricultural, landscape and golf course irrigation systems
  • Rural water supply networks, town water supply for potable water
  • Underground well casing and screens for water supply, mining and cathodic protection
  • Above and below ground drainage and sewerage systems for all applications
  • Conduits for electrical and cabling systems
  • Duct pipes for telecommunication and fibre optic networks
  • Industrial piping systems with high chemical resistance for industry
  • Piping systems for commercial and residential high rise building
  • Piping system for environmental monitoring system
  • Acoustic, sound proof drain piping systems

The extensive product list covers most of the major international standards including ISO, Metric and Imperial dimensions. Continual development ensures the range expands to meet current market demand and requirements.

In addition to the extensive piping range National Plastic produces and stocks a wide range of fittings, valves and accessories to ensure an integrated complete piping system and has a number of world leaders as strategic partners. By sourcing your complete requirements from National Plastic you are assured of having a fully integrated and compliant piping system for each and every application.