CPVC Pipe Systems

CPVC for domestic and industrial hot and cold water applications in sizes upto 16" (400mm). CPVC is suitable for conveying pressurized hot fluids upto 90°C. Pipe can be supplied in ASTM or Metric / ISO dimensions and a full range of CPVC fittings / transition fittings are available. Special Solvent Cement manufactured by IPS Weldon for high pressure / high temperature applications is also available.

Benefits of CPVC

CPVC is the most superior plastic alternative to Polypropylene, PEX, Polyethylene and other plastic and much more superior to metal alternatives with respect to.

  • Heat resistance up to 90˚C
  • Chemical resistance over a broad temperature range
  • Long term proven service performance of more than 50 years
  • Lower installed cost
  • Suitable for potable water and can be produced with NSF or WRAS approved grade
  • Does not sustain burning

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